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Buying your first bike can be a confusing affair and upgrading your old bike can be even harder as you grow attached to your first bike so that new bike needs to be perfect.
Many times I have been confronted by a new customer that has had a nightmare trying to find the right bike to suit their needs and the clients words are ‘I wish I had found you earlier it would off saved me so much time and effort’.
I will find the correct size and style of bike for you and make buying your 1st bike a smooth and enjoyable experience.My aim is to dedicate my time to help you buy your new road bike or if you’re looking at building up a custom bike I can help you decide on what components are best for you and your style of riding and more importantly Kinetic Velo can save you money.
To get the right bike for you I have to understand your needs and requirements,then i can determine what style, size and most importantly what your budget is so I can find a selection of bikes that suit you and come in on budget.
My aim is to make buying your new bike enjoyable and stop those mistakes that are all too easily made.

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